Energy Backup Systems, An Increasing Need

The urgency of a solution to the increase of power outages

Aggravated by extreme weather conditions, the fragility and uncertainty of the electric grid is increasingly demonstrated by several significant incidents, statistics are undeniable. The data does indeed show a strong increase of power outages, both in frequency and duration. In this urge to fill this growing need, Ecosolaris stands out with innovative proposals: Tailor-made energy storage systems for residences, offering an immediate response, adapted to these energy unforeseen events.

A sustainable response to frequent electricity interruptions

Ecosolaris systems, composed of high-capacity batteries and inverters, present themselves as a silent and ecological solution, unlike conventional generators, which are noisy and polluting. These customized systems assure continuous power in the event of a power outage, meeting the specific needs of each customer. The device charges directly from the public network and/or through solar panels offered as optional components.

For an investment varying on average between $3,500 and $30,000 depending on the size and needs of your home, you will be able to power the refrigerator, lights, water pump, internet, computer devices, your medical devices, your favorite coffee machine and any other household appliances, according to your specific needs.

Prepare for the unexpected

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