Presentation of a well-equipped self-contained solar caravan

Recreational and overland-style adventure vehicles can come in various forms. Today, we are pleased to show you a self-contained solar caravan (also known as a truck camper) that one of our customers uses for his hunting and fishing adventures.

As they have purchased several solar components from us, specifically from the renowned brand Victron, known for its off-grid solar equipment, we are proud to showcase what can be achieved with these devices.

Join us for the tour:

Comfortable and well-equipped

Refrigerateur caravane solaire portee
Couchette lit caravane solaire portee
Cuisinière au gaz dans une caravane solaire  portee solaire

As seen in the video, this caravan is well-equipped and comfortable. It features a gas stove, a refrigerator, a bathroom with a toilet and a shower, a kitchenette, and a sleeping area.

What is fascinating about this type of vehicle is that you can literally bring your “home” to a peaceful location, embark on an adventure, and return to enjoy a comfortable meal, rest, and sleep in the evening. And the next day, you can be ready for another adventure.

Power supply

Solar caravan with lithium battery
Batterie Lithium LiFEPO4 autochauffante 12V 100Ah

Since the battery compartment is located outside the caravan, providing easier access and taking up less space inside, auto-heating lithium batteries from Ecosolaris have been installed. Unlike regular lithium batteries, these batteries can be recharged even if the ambient temperature drops below freezing.

Chargeur Victron DCDC Orion 12/12/30
Chargeur Victron DCDC Orion 12/12/30
Victron Multiplus 12/2000

These 12-volt lithium batteries, responsible for powering the camper’s electrical devices, are recharged through two Victron DC-DC chargers connected to a dedicated vehicle alternator and a solar panel installed on the roof. The solar panel is connected to a Victron SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT charge controller. These batteries, which some call solar batteries, are lighter and more durable compared to traditional lead-acid or gel batteries. They can be discharged much deeper without significantly affecting their lifespan (up to 4000 cycles at 80% discharge).

These LiFEPO4 lithium batteries directly power 12V devices such as lighting and air conditioning, while a 2000 Watts Victron MultiPlus inverter powers 120V electrical appliances. An inverter of this capacity is sufficient to power appliances like a toaster, coffee maker,a microwave, etc.

All information at your fingertips

Victron GX Touch 50 tactile screen control center
Victron GX Touch 50
Victron GX Touch 50: vue du niveau des réservoirs

One of Victron’s strengths is its ecosystem, which allows different solar components to communicate with each other seamlessly.

Therefore, a Victron control center consisting of a Cerbo GX and a GX Touch 50 has been installed in the caravan. The GX Touch 50 provides readings of the energy produced by the solar panels, the available energy in the batteries, the levels of various vehicle liquid tanks (freshwater, gray water, black water), as well as the propane level. All this information is displayed digitally in one place on a touch screen.

Summary of installed equipment


This project demonstrates that it’s feasible to lead a nomadic lifestyle while still enjoying a high level of comfort. The equipment from the Victron brand is perfect for this purpose. Known for their performance and reliability, they will not let you down during your adventures. In fact, Victron products come with a 5-year warranty, which attests to their reliability.

We invite you to regularly visit our website to witness tours of different types of recreational vehicles that we have the privilege of seeing at our store.

Until next time, feel free to contact us for your solar RV project.

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