Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Lawn Light


Elevate your outdoor space with the Ecosolaris Solar Bollard and Lawn Lights – a perfect blend of innovative design and eco-conscious technology. Enjoy hassle-free installation, anti-theft features, and an elegant aesthetic. Illuminate pathways, gardens, and public spaces while minimizing light pollution. Explore our high-end lighting solutions today


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The Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Lawn Light presents a futuristic design, backed by a five-year warranty, catering to outdoor public space lighting needs. It particularly emphasizes IK10 vandal resistance advantages. Featuring a 6.2W solar panel, it boasts protection from a polycarbonate cover that exceeds IK10 vandal-resistant standards. The newly engineered high-capacity 38.4WH LifePO4 battery, coupled with an intelligent lighting program, ensures consistent lighting performance.

Initially, it provides 100% lighting output, delivering up to 280 lumens for a duration of four hours. Afterward, it transitions into a dimming program, operating at 25% of full capacity until the PIR sensor is activated, prompting a return to full 100% illumination. This program guarantees up to four nights of continuous lighting on a single full battery charge.

The primary objective is to meet the specifications outlined by the Dark Sky Association, primarily achieved by maintaining an upward light waste ratio (UWLR) of less than 1%. This commitment to limiting upward light contributes to reducing environmental light pollution, preserving unobstructed views of the night sky for all. Moreover, our offerings extend to a wildlife-friendly variant of the Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Light, featuring all the attributes of the original product.

Wildlife-Friendly lighting is meticulously crafted to minimize ecological impact, especially in habitats frequented by sea turtles, bats, frogs, and various insects, particularly in close proximity to coastal areas. Given that these creatures rely on moonlight reflecting off the ocean for navigation, artificial light from nearby development often disrupts their orientation by resembling moonlight. The Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Light is versatile, suitable for gardens, walkways, public parks, and ecologically sensitive zones alike.

Light Performance

Product nameEcosolaris Solar Bollard Lawn Light
Lighting1.2W 280lm SMD3030 24pcs
Light head diameter275mm
Fixture materialAluminium die casting + PC + tempered Glass
Fixture colorBlack & Anthracite grey
IP & IK rateIP65 & IK10
CCT range2200K ~ 6000K
Beam angle120 degree

Control System

Control methodAutomatic dusk to dawn
Working mode4H 100% + 13H 25% with 100% when sensor is triggered
Max PV power20W
Max load power5W
Sensor typePIR motion sensor
System voltage3.2V
Detection distance8 meters max
Detection angle120 degree
Working temp.-15℃~ 70℃

LiFePo4 Battery

Battery typeLiFePO4 32700 6000mA 3.2V
Battery capacity38.4WH 3.2V
Battery lifetime6000 cycles @ D.O.D 80%
Charge & Discharge time4.5 hours >36 hours
Working temp.-15℃~ 70℃
Battery autonomy3 – 4 days with motion sensor

Solar Panel

Peak Power6.2W
Rated Voltage5V
Cell TypeMONO crystalline silicon
Cell Efficiency (%)>22.5%
Lifetime>20 years

IK10 Vandal Resistant

For Outdoor Lightning

Wild animals friendly

Without lighting pollution

Hidden base with inner screw

Elegant & Neat

36 Hours Backup

With Fully Charged Battery

Automatically adjust lighting

Saves energy with LED technology

High luminous flux output

Up to 280lm performance

LiFePO4 battery inside

More than 10 years lifetime

PIR motion sensor

Gets brighter when motion is detected

Dusk till dawn

Automatically turns on and off.

Installation with invisible screws.

The Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Lawn Light showcases a compact and streamlined design, boasting attributes of straightforward installation and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The connection points between the lamp head and the lamp pole, as well as between the lamp pole and the base, have been meticulously crafted with a threaded design.

Post-installation, the lamp head and pole are securely fastened using a fixing screw, enhancing the anti-theft feature significantly. All components are meticulously manufactured from die-cast aluminum, ensuring a robust and resilient structure. The threaded design is also employed between the base and the light pole. During installation, the base is initially anchored to the ground using four M6 screws. Subsequently, the lamp is threaded onto the base, and the base is securely connected to the column using a concealed screw. This meticulous arrangement guarantees an exceptionally secure installation, all while maintaining an elegant and unobtrusive visual appeal.

The utilization of concealed screws adheres to stringent anti-theft standards, rendering the overall design both captivating and refined. This feature makes the Ecosolaris Solar Bollard Lawn Light especially suitable for sophisticated and high-end lighting projects.

Color temperature


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