ECO Backup Box 2.5kWh


Carry power everywhere with the ECO Backup Box – your robust and portable energy source for all your essential devices


Discover energy freedom with the ECO Backup Box – your dependable partner in all scenarios requiring sturdy, independent power.

The box includes the following component:

  • Victron Phoenix 12V 1200W Inverter: Power your devices with this high-performance inverter, ensuring stable and efficient energy conversion.
  • Victron BlueSmart IP22 12V 30A Charger: Ensure efficient and safe battery charging, with this charger designed for reliability and longevity.
  • 2 Ecosolaris Lithium Batteries 12V 100Ah: Enjoy solid energy reserves with these high-capacity lithium batteries, providing constant and lasting power.
  • Victron BMV 720 Battery Monitor: Keep an eye on your energy usage and reserves at all times with this accurate and user-friendly battery monitor.
  • Versatile Outlets: With 2 120V outlets and 2 10W USB ports, the ECO Backup Box is ready to power a variety of devices, from refrigerators and lights to computers and phones.

The ECO Backup Box is your ally in all your portable energy needs. Perfect for camping, power outages, or as an additional power source, it’s both compact and powerful.

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