The advantages of a hydronic heating system

Ecosolaris EVOH PEX underfloor rwater glycol adiant heating system

There are several ways to transport heat from a hot body to a cold body: It is often said that perfection is not of this world. This is certainly true when choosing a heating system. Despite everything, we can say that radiant heating is the one that brings us the closest to an ideal situation.

The radiant hydronic heating system uses hot water. A boiler ensures the production of hot water. Subsequently, this water is distributed in a closed circuit piping system, usually embedded in the floor. The heat accumulated in the floor acts as a radiant panel which ensures an even distribution of heat in the room. As the heat emanates from the ground, which acts as a thermal mass, this ensures a uniform distribution of heat at floor level.

Here are the advantages of a hydronic heating system, according to the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec:

  1. Hydronic heating offers excellent energy efficiency. It saves 5-10% of the costs associated with traditional technologies.
  2. Since there are no hot, dry air currents causing variations in humidity and temperature, the system adjusts precisely to the desired locations.
  3. The radiant heat is uniform, constant and pleasant. No more places that are too hot or too cold. In addition, the operation of the system is completely silent.
  4. By adding a domestic water heater to the hydronic system, hot water will always be plentiful for daily needs.
  5. Radiant heating means more sanitation and less housekeeping due to the lack of a fan to push dust particles into rooms.
  6. Renovations and modernizations are easy. Radiant heating piping can be installed in walls or ceilings, behind the dry wall.
  7. Hydronic heating makes it easy to add additional functions, such as defrosting the outdoor entrance, installing heated towel rails or even heating the outdoor pool.
  8. Converting an electric baseboard system to hydronic heating is easy, requiring little work.
  9. Hydronic baseboards and wall panels are simple and easy to integrate into the decor.
  10. A hydronic system distributes heat through PEX tubing. These pipes are anticorrosive, resistant to shocks, crushing and pressure. They require no cleaning or filters. They do not require any care.

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